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Making Slideshow for Myspace

Looking for tools to help you create slide show for myspace, you have come to the right place for resourceful tips.
You may also be interested in DVD Photo Slideshow Software.

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Myspace Slideshow Creator

Slide.com offers a slick service for anyone to create picture slideshow including Myspace slideshow and slideshow for eBay!

Here is how to make MySpace slideshow on slide.com, you'll have the code you need to copy and paste your new slideshow into your Myspace profile:

  1. Go to http://www.slide.com/arrange, and select Myspace from the left menu.
  2. Enter your Myspace URL (in a format like this: "http://www.myspace.com/[YOUR PROFILE NAME]" and click ĎGetí
  3. Once youíre done editing photos click on the Iím Done! Give me the code! button. You can optionally enter your email address to save the Myspace slideshow for later or customize the size of the Myspace slideshow at the top. Then just copy and paste the code for the slideshow into your Myspace profile, web blog or website!

http://www.slide.com/arrange starts here ...

Make Slideshow for MySpace with Adobe Photoshop

More Info | Download

Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3 software makes it easy to find, fix, and share your digital photos. Instantly fix photo flaws with only a click or two. Easily share your memories in a Myspace slideshow with captions, or e-mail individual photos to family and friends in your Myspace profile.

Create Myspace Slideshow

Myspace Slideshow Features!

  • Up to 8 photo albums in each Myspace slideshow
  • Add photo captions and album names
  • Login to PhotoBucket directly from our site
  • Unlimited photos
  • Automatic Image resize
  • 3 diffrent slideshow sizes
  • Visit: http://www.myspaceslideshow.net

Myspace Slideshow Software

Looking for a little more creative control? These software packages will help you to create unique and custom Myspace slideshows from scratch!

Amara Flash Slideshow Software

More Info | Download

Amara Flash Slideshow Software is a no-nonsense Flash slideshow and Flash album creator to help the web designer to create and design animated photo slideshows and Myspace slideshows. With Amara Flash Slideshow software you can take your own photos and music, and turn them into a stunning Flash slideshow or Flash album in minutes.

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