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DVD Photo Slideshow for the Masses

If you are still using your computers to show people your collection of hundreds or even thousands of digital pictures, you need to take a look at how DVD photo slideshows can make your still images come to life!

With advanced zooming and panning, image to image transition effect, and your favorite tunes as background music, a DVD photo slideshow can truly entertain you and your audience. It is also a perfect gift to give to grandparents as they don't need a computer to see lively pictures of their grandchildren at play.

Why use a service to create DVD Photo Slideshow?

You can definitely create your DVD photo slideshow on your own by purchasing the right software tools, laboring for hours in front of your computer and wasting a couple of DVD disks in trial and error. Or you can just rely on a quality service provider such as PictureInMotion to do all the work for you for as little as 9 cents per picture.

You will enjoy tremendous benefits by using PictureInMotion's DVD photo slideshow service.

Cost/Benefit Comparison Do it Yourself Use Our Service
Buying DVD Slideshow Authoring Software $49.00 - $199.00 $0
Upgrade your computer to handle DVD authoring and burning $100.00 - $500.00 $0
Wasting five DVD+R disks creating your first DVD slideshow $5.00 from $14.99
Eight hours of learning and laboring in front of your computer priceless -:) $0

Total Cost to You

$154.00 - $704.00 from only $14.99

Order yours now! or Try it for a penny!

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